Daily Food Log Template

Food LogThis new template is for recording what you eat and how much water you drink each day. Today was my first official day to use the food log, and I was surprised to find out that my typical bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios is actually 550 calories. I looked at the other cereal boxes that we have, and it appears as if the manufacturers just change the serving size so that every serving comes to about 110-120 calories. Interesting trick.

The most useful thing for me is keeping track of how much water I drink. I've definitely found a correlation between that and my headaches, and until today, I've never really known how much water I drink each day. I discuss water intake in more detail on the food log download page. I'm definitely falling short of the recommended amount, even though I thought I was drinking plenty.

I need to find a good source for information about the amount of calories in foods that aren't packaged with Nutrition Fact info (like meats, vegetables, etc).

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jakalof said...

Jon -- I agree; you need to drink more water:)