Gas Mileage Calculator and Mileage Log

Mileage Log A while back, my car went the way of all cars in the 200,000 miles range. I decided to replace it with one that got a much better gas mileage, so I went with one that was supposed to get 28-32 MPG. I began tracking my mileage to make sure it was living up to its potential. I found out that I have a hard time dividing 287 miles by 10.123 gallons in my head. This is what prompted me to create this printable mileage log and the mileage calculator spreadsheet.

I did an experiment in June because I was typically only getting about 27 MPG. I tend to accelerate too much, so I went a whole tank driving very carefully. I included a mileage chart that shows the peak in my mileage during June. So, it really IS possible to increase your gas mileage by just driving more carefully. You will also notice that I couldn't keep it up. It was a very difficult experiment.

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